The nature trail dedicated to Pete Hunting’s memory is in Woodbridge, Connecticut, a few miles north of New Haven. To walk the trail takes thirty minutes or less.

• From Wilbur Cross Parkway/Route 15, take Exit 59 and proceed north toward Woodbridge on Route 63/Amity Road.

• Continuing on Route 63, do not take the left turn onto Route 114 toward Woodbridge.

• At the intersection of Routes 63 and 67/Seymour Road, turn left. The trail is on Route 67, 1.1 miles beyond this intersection.

• You will pass a school-bus crossing sign on the right.

• You will cross Newton Road and see, on the left, Rock Hill Road.

• Look for the shady turnout on the right. (If you pass Sanford Road on the right, you’ve gone too far.)

A few feet from the parking area you’ll see a wooden sign:

Russell Greenway

In Memory of

Peter M. Hunting


Trail Maintained by Woodbridge Land Trust

The trail ends at Newton Road. To return to the parking area, either retrace your route or go left at Newton Road and left again at Sanford Road. Sanford Road will bring you to Route 67. Go left and proceed to the parking area.

The trail was dedicated April 26, 1997.